The Law Office of Daniel J. Guenther understands how easily unmanaged debt can get out of control, leading to financial problems. While our legal firm cannot solve all financial problems, we can offer debt consolidation and bankruptcy solutions to those who need them most. Attorney Daniel J. Guenther is a professional bankruptcy lawyer in Southern Maryland who will explain what debts are forgiven under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  

Individuals drowning in debt often face creditor harassment, which can cause unnecessary anxiety, severe depression, and shame. Bankruptcy isn’t a magical answer to eliminating financial obligations, but bankruptcy may qualify individuals for debt consolidation opportunities. If you’re interested in rebuilding a damaged credit score, bankruptcy may not prove as a beneficial resource for you to utilize.

Before taking further action, it is wise to speak with a seasoned Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer to explore viable options. Attorney Daniel J. Guenther recommends disputing fraudulent or inaccurate debts listed within your credit report information. Removing incorrect filings from your credit report allows you to focus on confirmed financial obligations.

Will Southern Maryland Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Rebuild Damaged Credit Scores?

Through his years serving the community with debt relief solutions, Attorney Daniel J. Guenther learned tips to best stop creditor harassment in Southern Maryland. Even clients actively communicating with lenders and creditors still experience harassment, mostly because financial situations become subjectively dire for unfortunate individuals. Ignoring piling debts leaves your assets unprotected from foreclosure proceedings, evictions, and property seizure.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will liquidate most assets to repay a portion of your debt. Credit bureaus list bankruptcy filings as discharged obligations on credit reports and ultimately improve your credit score.

After filing for bankruptcy, you shouldn’t instantaneous repairs to damaged credit reports. Improving bad credit scores takes additional actions besides discharging debts through Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Debt Relief and Consolidation Services to Overcome Unmanaged Finances

The Law Office of Daniel J. Guenther pushes those experiencing creditor harassment caused by unmanaged debt to explore any beneficial possibilities before filing for bankruptcy. While discharged bankruptcy debt impacts your credit score, your credit report won’t show improvements until bankruptcy charges are removed from your credit report. It takes approximately seven to ten years for credit bureaus to eliminate bankruptcy filings.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy doesn’t damage credit scores to the extent of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but each case is different. Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps people reorganize their debts by working with creditors to negotiate repayment terms. Renegotiating repayment or loan terms allows individuals to avoid defaulting on financial contracts, which in return repairs damaged credit scores.

Additional Suggestions to Improve Damaged Credit Scores

The easiest way to repair bad credit scores is to pay bills and loan notes on time to prevent your accounts from entering collections. Staying on top of your monthly expenses increases your credit score slowly by demonstrating a commitment to upholding your financial responsibility.

Secured credit cards may also boost credit scores if users adhere to the creditor’s terms and maintain timely repayments. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Attorney Daniel J. Guenther for a free debt relief or bankruptcy consultation, please call 301-475-3106.

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