At some point, you may consider selling your business or purchasing a business. At Steffens & Rasmussen, in Edina, Minnesota, we are proud to provide small businesses in the metro area with experienced and personal legal services regarding stock and asset purchases, including:

  • Stock Sale: In a stock purchase, the buyer is buying the entire business, including all of the outstanding shares of stock in a corporation or the membership interests in an LLC or partnership, as well as the assets, liability, name and good will of the business.
  • Asset Sale: In an asset purchase, the buyer is only purchasing the business’s assets, and not any stock or ownership interests.

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In either type of purchase, an extensive amount of research and due diligence needs to be completed. At Steffens & Rasmussen, we:

  • Create a complete list of the company’s assets
  • Determine the financing options available
  • Conduct UCC searches on assets to determine if they are encumbered
  • Draft noncompete provisions in the agreement as part of the sale
  • Draft confidentiality agreements regarding the sale and nonsolicitation of employees

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