Are You Considering Becoming a Franchisee?

Before entering a franchise agreement, it is crucial to have your attorney analyze and review the document. The franchisor’s team often presents a standard agreement with no room for negotiation. Not only is this not always the case, but there may also be significant financial risk to you contained within the contract. Franchise agreements are often complicated, and an experienced law firm like Rasmussen Law should review them before you sign on the dotted line.

Why You Must Have Your Franchise Agreement Reviewed

By having your franchise agreement reviewed at Rasmussen Law, you can protect yourself from liabilities or damages caused by unknowingly violating the terms of the agreement. Agreements contain provisions allowing the franchisor to terminate the contract if you fail to uphold certain terms or violate their conditions. However, some agreements can be ended at the franchisor’s discretion. In addition, some contracts can be punitive to the franchisee, such as restricting you from entering into agreements with the franchisor’s competition.

Franchisors act within the law and do their best to protect their business interests. Rasmussen Law believes you deserve the same. So, before you sign, your attorney can help you fully understand both your rights under the agreement and the rights of the franchisor.

Owning a franchise can be a very successful and lucrative business model for the franchisee, but you must thoroughly understand the legal provisions contained within.

Rasmussen Law Protects Your Business Interests and Assets

Attorney Leif E. Rasmussen has been practicing business law for over 30 years. He has organized hundreds of businesses in the state of Minnesota and offers you extensive knowledge of business formation, including entering franchise agreements. He can address your needs in any of the following areas:

  • Business Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Contract Formation and Review
  • Franchise Analysis and Review
  • Estate Planning
  • Will Drafting
  • Trust Creation Real Estate Transactions
  • Tribal Business and Governance

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