Will Drafting

As part of a properly executed estate planning process, the drafting of your last will and testament declares how your assets will be distributed and who will administer your estate. It is one of many documents that can be part of your estate planning vision, and it is one of the most common and fundamental to the process.

It is a common misunderstanding that having a will means your loved ones can avoid probate. While having a will outlines how you wish your assets to be distributed, it does not avoid probate simply by existing.

Assisting with All of Your Probate Needs

Probate is the legal process of bequeathing a deceased person’s assets to their beneficiaries. Whether your estate will require probate and how long the probate process will take depends on a variety of complex factors and can be quite time-consuming. However, Rasmussen Law has decades of experience with probate and can help you move through the process as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

Generally, the probate process involves these steps:

  • Gathering the deceased person’s property that is subject to probate.
  • Paying the debts and taxes owed by the deceased person’s estate.
  • Collecting any money that is owed to the estate.
  • Resolving any disputes among heirs and devisees.
  • Distributing the probate property to the heirs and devisees.

Although it seems straightforward, probate proceedings in Minnesota are subject to various nuances that are best handled by an experienced attorney. Rasmussen Law in Edina can advise you on proceeding in both state and tribal courts.

Tribal Court Probate in Minnesota

Attorney Leif Rasmussen handles the probate process in tribal court following the Tribal Probate Code. Tribal court is used when the deceased person lived on or owned real property on a reservation. Sometimes, probate may need to occur in more than one court if the deceased person owned property on and off a reservation.

Guiding You Through the Probate Process

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