Minnesota Tribal Business and Governance Attorneys

The Indian tribes in Minnesota are sovereign nations, each with its own rules and laws. Most tribal nations have their own court systems overseen by tribal judges. If doing business with a sovereign tribal nation is in your plans or doing business on sovereign tribal land, you need an experienced lawyer who knows and understands the special rules and laws that apply to the tribe you are dealing with.

Attorney Leif E. Rasmussen Understands Tribal Governance

Attorney Leif Rasmussen has considerable experience in the niche area of tribal law. For the last 30 years, he has served as General Counsel to the Upper Sioux Community — an Indian tribe located in Southwest Minnesota. Leif Rasmussen has also served as a tribal judge and has appeared in front of various tribal courts throughout the state of Minnesota. Some of the services Mr. Rasmussen can offer businesses wanting to do business with sovereign nations are:

  • Navigating the sovereign regulations, permitting and ordinances
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts
  • Representation before state and tribal agencies
  • Representation for land trust acquisitions and land use
  • Representation for Gaming Law
  • Litigation services for construction, employment or land use disputes

Tribal Court Probate in Minnesota

Rasmussen Law handles probate matters in tribal court according to the Tribal Probate Code. The proceedings in tribal court serve the same purpose as probate in state court: distributing a deceased person’s assets according to their last will and testament. If you do not have a will, Rasmussen Law can help you create one as part of our estate planning services.

Probate occurs in tribal court when the deceased person lived on or owned real property on a reservation. Probate may need to occur in both tribal court and state court if the deceased person owned property both on and off the reservation.

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