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When creating a business, the owners and partners often don’t think about what will happen if they should ever disagree. However, disputes between business owners inevitably arise in corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. Partners and shareholders often cannot decide on the future direction of the business, financial issues or what to do after a partner falls ill.

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Preventative Planning, Aggressive Representation

At Steffens & Rasmussen, we try to avoid costly business disputes between members and shareholders by drafting thorough buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, or member and control agreements that address structure and management issues. Clearly drafted documents that define how disputes will be handled are powerful, preventative tools in avoiding costly litigation.

However, when situations demand, we provide aggressive representation to our business clients — through litigation, negotiation, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution methods. We have considerable litigation experience, and handle all types of business litigation matters, including:

  • Shareholder and member disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Employer-employee disputes

We have been representing Minnesota businesses for more than two decades. You can trust our experience and knowledge to protect your business. It is our legal strategy to resolve your dispute with minimum impact on your company’s profitability.

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